Why choose Nada for recording?

With hundreds (thousands?) of records recorded/mixed or mastered here, why not? Just ask around, or read our Google reviews. We look out for you and make sure you get the quality and comfort you deserve. 

Located in a quiet and rural setting, Nada is the perfect place to record and have no outside distractions. With the towns of Montgomery, Crawford and Middletown, NY nearby, you can always get the necessary supplies needed. Yes, we even get food deliveries!

The studio also has plenty of hotels and attractions nearby. We even have one of the best/largest music stores on the East Coast just 10 minutes down the road. You'll never go without the essentials you need to make the best recording of your life. Contact us today and let's get started on your recordings today!

Recording Rates

A 50% deposit is required for any dates booked. Deposits are due within 10 days of booking confirmation.

*Sorry, no refunds for deposits.