Online Mixing


Why choose Nada for mixing?


Nada Recording's online mixing and mastering services have been a safe place on the internet for artists for many years. We can take your songs and give them the professional sound they deserve. You put many hours into your creative ideas and you can trust Nada to help you bring those ideas to the next level.

Choose an online mixing/mastering package that works for you. We have the right ears and equipment to get the job done. You will speak directly with our engineers for a hassle free workflow. We know how much your music means to you. It will mean just as much to us.

Mixing Rates

Please include any information available. For example: Band/artist name, album title, song titles, song order, ISRC codes (if available), UPC codes (if available). Please be sure to spell everything the way you'd like to see it on CD.  

* Songs can be no longer than 6 minutes to qualify for the mix packages. Please include $10 per minute over.

*$25 per recall after free recalls are used up.  

* Sorry..No refunds on our mastering/mixing services!